Fleet Management

LCVR’s rental fleet is managed in-house.


  • All payments, except for initial rentals, are charged via one invoice. This gives a large administration saving to you.
  • Collection of payments. Payments are collected by LCVR three times a month, on the 13th, 20th and 30th. This significantly improves your cash-flow.
  • Vehicle off road issues. LCVR will assist when a vehicle is off the road due to a warranty or breakdown issue, reducing the time you spend chasing the repair.
  • Vehicle re-taxing. Where a vehicle needs to be re-taxed LCVR will carry out this task.
  • Road traffic offences. LCVR will manage the process for you on speeding, parking and congestion charges.
  • All vehicle offences dealt with by LCVR incur a handling charge of £14.50 plus VAT (£10 + VAT for Dart charge). These are among the lowest charges in the Rental channel.
  • Vehicle collections. LCVR will manage vehicle collections, ensuring that vehicles are collected in a timely manner.
  • Defleet. LCVR will manage and arbitrate any defleet estimates received, ensuring that your defleet costs are kept as low as possible.