Branch Automation

Automation is an important step in the development of any rental operation. A fully automated front line can save time, money and people, improve professionalism and increase the flow of information.

As fleet sizes grow management of information and procedures to deal with maintenance, defleet and finances become increasingly important. Full utilisation and rate management becomes more scientific. Administration and invoicing increase in volume. All areas in which automation becomes essential. However, we recognise this comes at a cost.

LCVR have a partnership with one of the foremost UK rental software suppliers. We have agreed extremely favourable discounts on behalf of our network ensuring our Licensee's have access to an industry leading rental package at a price they can afford.

As an LCVR Licensee look under the 'Members Area' for more information. If you are interested in becoming an LCVR licensee, contact us on 01844 222000.