Corporate Credit Checking

Are you as aware as you could be of the financial health of your business clients?

Accurate and timely credit underwriting is the key to managing risk, and avoiding expensive bad debt problems, and a vital part keeping your company secure and profitable.

We already use Creditsafe, and are very impressed by their services. We have therefore reached an agreement with them to provide all LCVR licencees who pay our normal system fees with a FREE subscription. The retail value of a Creditsafe subscription is £960 + VAT per annum, so this is a great saving for you.

There are no hidden catches, charges or fees. LCVR pick up the bill, and you get a great service for free! When you join LCVR as a licencee you will be sent a FOC agreement, and logins for the Creditsafe website. This will give you,

  • UK LTD and PLC reports (Last 3 year accounts, payment records, group structure, rating & credit limit + Full accounts)
  • Non Ltd reports (Sole trader and partnership business information, CCJ’s, Proprietor information, rating & limit and contact information)
  • Directors searches (Director’s personal details including home address and other company links)
  • Creditsafe UK update their information daily, and some of the changes include:
    • 800 new County Court Judgments registered every day
    • 7,500 new sets of accounts filed every day
    • 10,000 company name changes every week
    • 28,000 director changes daily
    • Over 12,000 Liquidation and receiverships

For more information on the services that are available to you, visit